EVAline LEDs light up Waltham Abbey’s pool hall

Dutch lighting pioneer EVA Optic is gaining attention across the UK, following the implementation of its high-efficiency ambient lighting in the pool hall at the new multi-million-pound leisure centre project at Waltham Abbey in Essex. 

Having completed more than 900 sports and leisure centres, including 500 swimming pools, project lead Pellikaan Construction specified EVA’s revolutionary LED lighting — available exclusively through Golden Coast in the UK. It helps to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, while delivering long-term reliability and meeting Sport England’s strict lighting rules.

Direct lighting

Electrical contractors Barrie Beard successfully secured the tender for electrical installation, which includes 26 EVAline LED lights for ambient lighting in the large Waltham Abbey pool hall, which comprises a 25-metre pool and a 15-metre learners’ pool. “Our original design for the pool was in the form of flood lighting — both direct and indirect,” explains Barrie Beard Associate Director Darren Stokes. “This type of installation is widely used. However, in some installations it can negatively impact the finish of the wall and building by highlighting imperfections.”

Direct lighting also saves electrical contractors’ valuable time on site because of its ease of use. The system is quicker than other lighting schemes and therefore helps with general overall project times for creating prompt installations. 


Leisure centre


Waltham Abbey, UK

Applied in this project:

Demanding requirements

Making waves

EVALine LEDs are manufactured from materials suitable for use in a challenging environment like a pool hall, where heat, chlorine and humidity create issues. EVA’s lightweight body components and fixing materials are manufactured from galvanised, duplex-coated or anodised metals. What’s more, units benefit from anti-overheating technology to ensure at least 50,000 hours of use.

The nature of the building and its demanding lighting requirements required a series of designs to be created. However, as Darren points out, “EVA Optic was supportive throughout and committed to creating a lighting design which all parties were happy with.”


“The EVA lights look great in place,” enthuses Darren. “And they were easy to install, too. However, we did know that if anything did arise, we just had to give Golden Coast a call for help. “That sort of backup is invaluable on a project like this. Thanks to their help, nothing was too much effort.”

Barrie Beard has worked with Pellikaan Construction for around 30 years on leisure industry projects like Waltham Abbey. But, while Pellikaan have employed EVA on quite a few leisure centre projects in Europe, this was the Barrie Beard team’s first introduction to EVA and distributor Golden Coast. 

Hearing news of the project, Shaun Adams of Golden Coast, EVA Optic’s UK distributor, said: “On projects like these, the expertise and the in-depth knowledge EVA offer is invaluable. It’s easy to understand why their ground-breaking LEDs are making waves beyond swimming pools, such as in Bentley showrooms across Europe and the Tesla plant in the Netherlands. And, here in the UK, we’re seeing EVA Optic products lighting up more and more leisure facilities, including Coral Reef, Egham Leisure Centre, Wycombe Leisure Centre and Graves Leisure Centre.”