Why swimming helps to grow old in a healthy way

More and more senior citizens are finding swimming exercises their favourite and most beneficial way to stay fit. It has little impact on bones, tendons and joints. And the chance of an injury is very small. Besides a safe workout, swimming offers many other health benefits.

Improved brain functions

A dive in the water increases the blood supply to the brain. The blood pumps better, improving circulation throughout your body and even your brain. Which has a positive impact on your cognitive functions such as short and long-term memory.

Pain-free movement

The weightlessness takes the pressure off your knees, hips and spine. This makes you feel much more flexible in the water. This makes swimming a pleasant form of exercise if you suffer from stiff or painful joints, or conditions such as arthritis.

Safe and effective

Losing muscle mass and strength is unfortunately part of getting older. This can be improved with strength training. But because of the heavy burden on the joints, not everyone dares to do this. With swimming, you don’t have this problem. It is relaxing and at the same time an effective way to train your large muscle groups.

Less chance of falling

Besides muscle building, swimming is also a good and safe way to improve your balance and stability. Elderly people who swim regularly have less chance of falling. This is due to the fact that during swimming the body is forced to coordinate the upper and lower body and produce its own stability and support.

Improved health

Because little effort is required to move your body through the water, swimming is the way to improve your condition. Although you don’t have to carry as much of your body weight in the water, you can still get a good workout through the resistance of the water.

Swimming machine

To increase the positive effects of swimming, many people use an EVAstream swimming machine. Regardless of the size of your pool, it feels like you are swimming in a 25-metre pool. You don’t have to swim endlessly back and forth to get the same effect. That makes this machine ideal for private pools.

Relaxation through exertion

The EVAstream starts at the push of a button. Simply, from the pool. The current of the water forces you to swim at a more powerful pace. The exact pace is up to you. Let yourself be guided by the coloured underwater lights that indicate when an exercise starts, speeds up or stops. This way you focus purely on your strokes and your breathing.

Effect in and outside the pool

Even when you use the swimming machine once a week, you will find that you can keep going longer and longer. This is because the health of your heart and blood vessels improves and your lung capacity increases. You will be out of breath much less quickly. You will also notice a difference in other daily physical efforts.

Enjoyable exercise and rehabilitation

You don’t have to swim thousands of laps to benefit from swimming. Just walking through the water can have a healing effect for some people. Or think about aquarobics, for example. An ideal low-stress exercise to keep moving. Also very suitable for people who want to rehabilitate in a safe and pleasant way.

So jump into your own pool! Curious if the EVAstream is something for you? Try it for free in one of our test pools.

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