Who we are

For over a decade, we have played a central role in the world of swimming and sports. We know this world inside out, and that is why we see opportunities. We look for new ways to help you enjoy swimming and sports even more, whether at home in your own swimming pool, in a tropical water park, or a multifunctional (top-class) sports facility.

With EVA’s innovations, you can create the ultimate sports and wellness experience. Our safe, durable, high-quality products are guaranteed to provide years of carefree moments of relaxation, entertainment, and athletic excellence. We design and make the finest products to heighten your swimming experience. That is what we are good at, and what makes us happy!

EVA Optic’s story

Innovators at heart

Over the years, our vision of product development has never changed. In fact, Jan continues to be the one who decides which products should be developed and how we should develop them. He determines both what the product looks like and what its function should be. This is the goal, the ultimate destination towards which he and his team are always working.

Creativity, expertise, and perseverance are key words during this process. No concessions are made in terms of quality. Weak links are methodically resolved until we have a product that we are 100% satisfied with. Only after many hours of testing, refining and optimisation do we proudly present our latest innovation to the world.

We are innovators. We believe in focus, creativity, and drive, as this is what ultimately results in the best products. So, we continue to develop our existing products. New techniques and technologies provide new possibilities. More light, better colour rendering, more efficient control systems, different materials; we continue to look for ways to further improve our products.