Regular LED lighting is not sufficiently resistant to the swimming pool environment

Heat, moisture and chlorine: it is often underestimated how big the influence of these factors is on the products that are in a water park or swimming pool. It requires knowledge, expertise and experience to develop good LED lighting for a swimming pool environment. EVA is an expert in this. In addition to the underwater lighting, in which EVA Optic is market leader and has been internationally known for its rock-solid product quality and high light output, EVA also offers a complete range of lighting fixtures for above water within its Aqua HE product line.


EVA can hereby fully equip every type of  water park or swimming pool with efficient, high-quality LED lighting. From LED linear lighting and downlights to spotlights, wall fixtures and underwater lighting. Whether you are looking for LED swimming pool lighting for above or below the water, for a water park, top sports centre or a recreational pool: EVA offers a fitting solution!

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“EVA’s LED lighting offers De Mirandabad the opportunity to illuminate the dome in such a spectacular way that this alone is worth a visit. In addition to the low-energy LED lighting, the design of EVA Optic’s products has also been an important factor in our choice. Because of EVA’s LED lighting, we have the opportunity to create any atmosphere that we would like for several target groups and events. In short: nice designs, low-energy, good service, and this system offers us a lot of possibilities!”

Herman van Eykelenburg
Work planner RVE Sports and Forestry, Municipality of Amsterdam

Tailored advice

The swimming pool market is a niche that requires focus and where expertise and experience are a must to develop a high-quality solution for every water park or swimming pool. EVA has all these characteristics and in order to achieve this result we listen to the wishes of our customers, problems in the market and we work according to the laws and regulations within our markets.

It is a challenge for us to come up with products that offer a solution for your situation. Every lighting plan is unique and is tailor-made. We do not answer the question from you as a customer with a standard. We think along with you in your wishes and ideas and apply our knowledge flexibly in order to offer you the best solution.

Attractive light show

Because of our broad selection of lighting fixtures, not only the swimming pools but every room in your facility can be equipped with EVA LED lighting. All EVA LED lighting works together. With the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller or in combination with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you will be able to transform the entire facility’s lighting at one press of a button. For example, you could control the lighting in the swimming pool or dressing room from the reception or the restaurant. You can also use the controller to change the colour and light intensity at any time or create and play your own light scenes. Pre-programmed settings create extra energy savings.

With multi-coloured RGBW lighting, in addition to functional lighting, it is possible to create an attractive light show in your water park or swimming pool. The EVA audio connection can be ordered as an addition to the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller. With this connection, you can synchronise all of the EVA RGBW fixtures in your facility to the beat of the music. This creates a completely new experience during disco or theme nights, and your facility will be suitable for an extensive range of purposes.

Eveye underwatercamera, an extra pair of eyes underwater

A beautiful addition to the LED underwater lighting range of EVA Optic is the EVA Eveye HD underwater camera. This good underwater camera is not a drowning detection system, but can serve as extra eyes and can be shown by means of a TVI recorder. In combination with a TVI recorder equipped with hard disks, the image can be recorded as desired or sent to any media carrier, from telephone to screen. This way you can keep an eye on every desired location.

Light advice

In order to provide you with a light advice, we ask you to provide the following information as complete as possible. If available, we would like to receive photos or (construction) drawings of the room in which you want to place our luminaires. If you want to replace luminaires, we would like to receive photos of the existing situation. After receiving your request for advice, we will contact you within a few working days.

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