Reduce CO2 emissions and environmental footprint
by choosing EVA’s highly sustainable lighting solution

You will find EVA in nature

EVA Optic is located on the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park in Zwartsluis (Overijssel, the Netherlands). Our site with office and production facilities is located in the middle of the beautiful Dutch nature, with a view on the Zwartewater. Care and conservation of nature are also central to the EVA production process. There is a strong focus on producing a sustainable lighting solution and reducing the environmental impact.

Focus on environmental footprint

EVA LED lighting is placed in an environment where lighting has a major impact on safety, quality and experience. In this environment lighting is on most of the day and therefore consumes a lot of energy. EVA’s lighting solutions excel in both durability and energy efficiency. For example, EVAline LED lineair lighting uses only 50% of the amount of energy that a TL installation consumes. The light sources do not have to be replaced every year, saving you on replacement costs and waste. Due to the modular design of the system, component replacement is possible and the aluminum base system never needs to be replaced during the entire life of the building.

“EVA’s LED lighting has resulted in energy savings of 30 percent over the past year and a half.”

Arjen Bijsterbosch
Owner Tennis Centre Meppel

Waste reduction and energy neutral

By using replaceable components and aluminum as a product base, waste is reduced and most product components are easily recyclable. The production of LED lighting is in contrast to TL and halogen lighting clean and does not produce chemical waste. By manufacturing EVA LED lighting in the Netherlands, no unnecessary COsubstances are also emitted for large transport. Moreover, in our own production facilities we have the complete control over the energy, materials and machines that we use while producing and shipping our products.

Sustainability is also of paramount importance in our business development. In 2018 we will build a new production hall with offices on our current site. This industrial building will be completely energy-neutral so that we can produce our products in an energy-neutral way. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our production process. We not only help our customers achieve their sustainable goals with our energy-efficient products, but we also ensure that the environment is minimized when producing our lighting. By creating a tiny forest around the new building, we also offer our customers and employees a pleasant environment for collaboration. We expect to start using this industrial building in early 2019.

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