We care about nature.

Our company is located in Zwartsluis, at the edge of the De Weerriben nature area, for a reason. The most energy-efficient type of lighting there is—LED lighting— is at the core of our company.

Swimming pools and sports facilities are bulk consumers of electricity. Lighting has always been the biggest reason for that. With our LED lighting, our customers can save enormous amounts of energy and emit much less CO2. And, because we make our products as durable and sustainable as possible, they can keep saving energy for years to come. Indeed, we love the planet! And we believe that you should protect what you love.

Tiny Forest

According to research by the UN, we should not only look for ways to minimise our CO2 emissions, but also remove as much existing CO2 from the air. Trees are the best way to achieve this. And, because a little goes a long way, we have planted a small forest on our EVA Optic site!
A Tiny Forest is a dense, indigenous forest of about the size of a tennis court. This forest is not only a paradise for butterflies, birds, bees, and small mammals, but also for humans. Before you know it, a Tiny Forest will have become a resilient ecosystem

Our products are developed and manufactured in our own facilities in the Netherlands. Throughout the entire process, we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our ultimate goal? Designing and making the very best and most reliable products without harming the environment along the way.

Our products are being made with sustainable product components and as many recyclable materials as possible. Take our LED line lighting, for example. This product consists of an aluminium base module and separate aluminium light modules. Both the LED strips and the electronic components are easy to replace at the end of their lifetime and will be partially recycled. In doing so, waste will be reduced to the absolute minimum. The aluminium modules will be melted in their entirety and therefore fully recycled.

The majority of our suppliers are based in the Netherlands, many of them are located within 30 km of Zwartsluis. This prevents us from having to emit unnecessary CO2 for transport.

In 2019, we are expanding by adding a brand new building with production facilities, R&D, a 3D-printing department and offices. This building will be entirely energy-neutral, featuring the latest techniques in the fields of insulation, heat storage, and heat recycling. Our aim is a production process that is as ‘clean’ as possible, in line with the energy-saving performance of our products.