Spots & Pendants

Create a unique atmosphere with light

Create an atmospheric ambiance around any pool, with EVA LED ambient lighting. Control the lighting centrally, via a DMX panel or the EVA Experience software on your tablet. All lighting works seamlessly together.

Long lifespan

Our RGBW spotlights and pendant luminaires have been specially developed for the demanding swimming pool environment. All lighting works seamlessly together. To extend the life of the fixture, the lighting is controlled via a separate PSU.


EVA Experience web app

We are pleased to introduce the new EVA Experience webapp. A personal, digital environment in which you easily control the lighting inside and outside the bath.

Other options of the web app

  1. Set your personal swimming preferences
  2. Set a child lock for the lighting and the EVAstream
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Customized light show

EVA ambient lighting creates a true metamorphosis thanks to its powerful and very even illumination. Not a beam of colour but a whole room fully uniformly lit in every colour you can dream of. Synchronise all lamps or divide them into groups. Adjust the light intensity or choose the most beautiful shade from the extensive palette. The possibilities are endless!

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We love to share our knowledge and experience with our customers. With a lighting plan, we can show you the creative possibilities EVA Optic LED has to offer. You’ll be amazed at what lighting can do for the ambience of your entire facility! Contact us for a free consultation via our contact form, or call us at +31 (0)38 – 33 75 067.

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