Ensure optimum swimming safety by combining EVA LED
lighting with the EVA Eveye underwater camera

International safety standards

From the KNZB, KBZB, NOC-NSF, FINA and the NEN standard (NEN/EN-12193), high demands are placed on lighting in indoor sports accommodations. EVA LED lighting fixtures are powerful enough to meet all (inter)national requirements. The underwater lighting models from EVA Optic also demonstrably meet the international safety standard for underwater lighting IEC EN 60598-2-18. The mounting materials for the EVA Optic above water lighting models comply with the NEN guideline NPR 9200: 2015.

From private swimming pools to professional sports facilities

EVA LED lighting fixtures illuminate water parks and swimming pools in a special bright white light color. The luminaires are made of high quality, durable product components and are provided with qualitative LEDs with a specially selected light spectrum. This ensures wide and far-reaching light beams with a calm image. A combination that ensures a uniform illumination down to the bottom of swimming pools, very pleasant for lifeguards. The Aqua HE product line by EVA Optic also offers many possibilities for top sport swimming facilities and Olympic swimming pools. In addition to the required (inter)national certificates that the luminaires meet, the low glare factor (UGR <19, glare-free lighting) and low flicker index (flicker-free lighting) ensure optimal swimming conditions for competition swimmers, even for backstroke swimmers.

The ball-resistant and impact-resistant indoor sport LED lighting from EVA Optic has a polycarbonate shield, low glare factor and low flicker index. In many cases, EVA luminaires do not have to be placed directly above the playing field due to the high light intensity. EVAline sports LED line lighting is then placed at a fixed angle along the playing field, so that the playing fields are still illuminated according to international standard (EN 12193).

An extra pair of eyes underwater

Underwater lighting provides extra security in addition to a beautiful atmosphere. The underwater LED lighting models from EVA Optic demonstrably comply with the international safety standard for underwater lighting IEC EN 60598-2-18. This has been tested for electrical safety (SELV), watertightness (IPX8 / IP68), insulation class (III), impact resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure, thermal protection and fire safety.

A beautiful addition to the LED underwater lighting range of EVA Optic is the EVA Eveye HD underwater camera. This good underwater camera is not a drowning detection system, but can serve as extra pair of eyes and can be shown by means of a TVI recorder. In combination with a TVI recorder equipped with hard disks, the image can be recorded as desired or sent to any media carrier, from telephone to screen. In this way you can keep an eye on every desired location.

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