Lighting can be essential for safety in a swimming pool.

With the right light colour, the light will penetrate the water all the way to the swimming pool floor. Our LED line lighting stands out because of its unique colour spectrum, specifically selected for use in swimming pools. Also, the colour output is at a maximum level, so colours look the same as in natural daylight. The lighting is also flicker-free, so that they are easy on the eyes. In practice, these product features make a huge difference for supervisors. It helps them to stay focused and alert, and to ensure safety in the swimming pool.

Heat, chlorine and humidity put high demands on lighting systems in swimming pool environments. Ordinary luminaires are not sustainable and durable enough. The national and international standards for electrical safety and material usage in swimming pools and water parks are also very strict. EVA Optic’s LED swimming pool lighting was developed especially for long-term, trouble-free usage in this type of environment and complies with all standards.

EVA Optic’s underwater lighting models demonstrably comply with the international safety standard for underwater lighting IEC EN 60598-2-18. All underwater lights are tested for electrical safety (SELV), watertightness (IPX8/IP68), insulation class (III), impact resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure, thermal protection, and fire safety.

In addition to developing LED lighting, we have also developed the EVeye underwater camera for extra safety in swimming pools. The camera serves as an extra pair of eyes for supervisors. For instance, at crucial spots in water parks, such as at the exit of a water slide, in white-water rides, or rapids.