The project

In this beautiful historic building in Utrecht several chandeliers were fitted with EVA LED Candles. The antique chandeliers had to be restored as much as possible to their original form. With candles that are identical in appearance to a wax candle, with the warm light colour and light output of incandescent lamps.

Perfect colour rendition, ideal for artworks

There is a lot of art in the various areas. For the best possible experience, optimal colour rendition is very important. All surrounding colours are displayed very realistically with the EVA LED candle. The colour rendition (Colour Quality Scale) is 97 out of 100. The artworks can therefore be experienced as intended by the artist. As if shown in natural daylight.

This is truly unique. No other LED candle displays ambient colours so realistically. In many candles colour distortion occurs. For example, the colour red in a work of art is perceived as purple, and skin tones turn gray. Particularly in art this is very disturbing.

Solid technology forms the basis of the LED candle

EVA LED Candle is not only beautiful in appearance but is also very robust and reliable. Convection cooling combined with reliable materials and technology ensure a high quality candle. You will therefore not only save on energy costs (reduction of over 80%), but also on maintenance costs due to the long lifetime of the EVA LED Candle.


  • Project: Historic interior

  • Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Type: Historic interiors & Museums

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