The project

The Miranadabad in Amsterdam has undergone a complete lighting metamorphosis. The beautiful subtropical accommodation is newly equipped with multi-coloured EVA RGBW lighting. A colourful light show both above and below water!

The most eye-catching feature of the Mirandabad is the huge glass dome with a diameter of no less than 45 meters. For even illumination of the entire dome, 12x EVA Hydra spotlights were mounted to the steel construction. With these waterproof spotlights the dome is beautifully illuminated in all imaginable colours. This impressive lighting effect is further enhanced by multicoloured LED underwater lighting (type EVA A12 40W).

The lighting above and below water is centrally controlled by a DMX controller in the swimming hall (ArchiTech EVO). The colour of all lamps is changed at the same time with a simple push of a button. With pre-programmed scenes complete light shows can be played back, fully adapted to the activities in the pool. Simply adjust the ambience to the audience.

In the entrance hall, changing rooms, showers and rest rooms EVA DL downlights type Aqua HE were used. These ceiling recessed lights, like the Hydra spotlight in the swimming hall, are specially designed for pools where the requirements of the lighting system are high. Chlorine, heat and moisture are determinants for the life of swimming pool lighting. EVA Optic has developed a complete range of luminaires (type Aqua HE) specially for the demanding swimming pool area.

Project information

  • Project: De Mirandabad swimming pool

  • Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Type: Commercial pools


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Amsterdam Mirandabad

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