Indoor sports lighting

EVA LED indoor sports lighting is ideal for various indoor sports environments and has an impact-resistant polycarbonate cover. The combination of high color fastness (CRI) of the LEDs, low glare factor (UGR <19) and the very low flicker index (flicker free illumination) provides perfect light perception precisely what is essential in sports applications.

Athletes are very critical of light quality. And rightly so, because at ball games in particular, the sports lighting is very decisive for the perception during the game. Impact-resistant lighting has an great importance for athletes. Regular fixtures are therefore not suitable for sports applications, the EVA Optic sports lighting fixtures are.

In many cases, it is not necessary to place the EVA luminaires directly above the playing field. This is possible due to the high light intensity of the EVA sports fixtures. EVAline sports LED linear lighting is often installed tilted at a set angle alongside the playing field. The playing field is lighted by the international safety standard (EN12193), without luminairies above the field.

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