EVA Eveye HD underwater camera

The EVEYE underwater camera gives a crystal- clear image below the water. You can view it
in real-time on your tablet or smartphone. The EVEYE underwatercamera can serve as an extra pair of watchful eyes, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. An additional safety element for your swimming pool experience. It goes without saying that the EVEYE is not intended to replace personal supervision at the pool.

Safe and fun

The EVEYE also offers a great additional fun factor in your pool. Watch real-time underwater images and store them on the hard disc of the HD recorder. While the children show off their best underwater tricks, you take great snapshots and video clips that you can easily send to your tablet or smartphone. The camera is compact and fits in a standard EVA underwater lighting installation housing.

Additional information


Alle soorten zwembaden, tevens toepasbaar in vijvers

Type camera

HD TVI camera (over coax)


1080p, biedt ook bij lange kabellengtes een hoge resolutie


120°, positie bij inbouw te stellen

IP value


Max. water temperature


Max. installation depth

10 meter

Diameter camera

ø 50 mm, exclusief installatie kit

Suitable for stairs?


Cable length

3 meter (multi-coax kabel RG174 + voeding 2 x 0.25mm2)

Position power supply


Working temperature power box

-20°C tot +35°C

Protection rating power box



2 jaar