EVAstream Fit/Pro/Max | Surface Mounted

Meet the EVAstream. Get the most out of your pool with this versatile swimming machine. Swim as in a 25-meter pool. Only now at home, in your own swimming pool! The EVAstream turns any swimming pool into a professional training pool, home-fitness and unique aqua attraction. Fantastic fun for the entire family. All year round.

EVAstream Models
The EVAstream is available in 3 models; EVAstream Fit, Pro and Max. The EVAstream Fit is favored by recreational swimmers. To maintain fitness, for aqua jogging or for use in rehabilitation. Experienced swimmers and athletes choose the EVAstream Pro, because of its extra powerful current. The EVAstream Max offers the maximum swimming experience. Not only is this the most powerful EVAstream, but with the double motor, the EVAstream Max also offers the largest swim zone. This makes the EVAstream Max suitable even for small swimming pools.

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Optional: Challenging training programs
Especially for the EVAstream we have developed swim workouts for swimmers of every age and every swimming level. The workouts consist of interval, sprint and endurance elements and increase in duration and intensity. The EVA RGBW underwater lights complete the experience. The underwater lighting guides you through the training. The changing light colours give you orientation within the exercise and motivate you as well. Use the special training programs to improve your health, fitness and endurance.

There are currently 2 options for EVAstream swim training sessions:

  • The DMX Controller Advanced with 20 preset training sessions (controlled from outside of the pool)
  • 3x Piezo switches with 3 preset training sessions (controlled from within the pool)