EVAline LED linear lighting – modular system

This IP53 LED linear lighting as modular system for continuous light lines complies with the IEC EN 60364-7-702 safety standard and is suitable for utility and industrial areas and indoor sports facilities. The EVAline modular system is equipped with ATS and CLO technology to guarantee a long lifespan. The utility and industrial options are equipped with EVA’s unique micro-prism (UGR <19) cover, which makes the fixture glare-free. The indoor sports option is equipped with a shockproof polycarbonate (UGR <19) micro-prism cover. The driver ensures that the luminaire is flicker-free. The EVAline modular system is only delivered upon the request and approval of one of EVA’s lighting advisors.

Article code: V3I-xxxLM-xxC-M or V3S-xxxLM-xxC-S

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

Additional information

IP value


Color aluminum

Black anodised, Clear anodised



Type of LEDs

High-power multi chip LED array 29cm


Fixed colour light

Color temperatures

3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Max. omgevingstemperatuur


Afmetingen basis module

B: 70 mm – H: 32 mm
Lengte max. 5000 mm aan een stuk

Afmetingen licht module

L: 1170 mm – B: 70 mm – H: 55 mm

Afmetingen cover module

B: 70 mm – H: 29,5 mm

Driver technology

0-10Vdc, DALI

Position power supply


Omgevingstemperatuur voeding

-20°C tot +40°C

Protections power supply

Kortsluiting, overload, overvoltage, SELV equivalent, Class 2 output, dubbel geïsoleerd

ATS (Auto Temperature System)



2 tot max. 5 jaar (zie garantie voorwaarden)