EVA R6 15W LED underwater light

The EVA R6 15W LED underwater light is an IP68 LED underwater light and is suitable for zone 0. The EVA R6 complies with the IEC EN 60598-2-18 safety standard and is suitable for private pools.

The EVA R6 underwater light is sold separately from its driver. The EVA R6 is powered by the EVA R6 LED driver, to which a maximum of 6 EVA R6 underwater lights can be connected. By connecting underwater lights to the LED driver, the underwater lights can illuminate in the same light colour. For multi-coloured lighting, the EVA R6 powerline converter should be used. This powerline converter is placed between the LED driver and the underwater light(s) and can be connected to the remote control, push-button or piezo switch, so that you can switch it on and off or change the colours from the comfort of your private pool. The colour synchronisation of each underwater light is guaranteed by sending the colour data through the supply cable.

Article code: EVA-R6-RGB-xM

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

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Additional information

IP value


Power consumption


Type of LEDs

6x RGB high-power multi chip LEDs, only provided with coloured LEDs

Light beam angle


Max. water temperature


Max. installation depth

25 meter


ø 118 mm

Suitable for stairs?


Driver technology

RGB: 2-wire powerline with a few fixed pre-programmed colours and scenes, dimming optional

Position power supply


Working temperature power box

-20°C to +40°C

Protection rating power box


Protections power supply

Short circuit, overload, overvoltage, SELV equiv., Class 2 output, double insulation


4 years