DMX Control Advanced for EVAstream

The extensive control for the EVAstream. The DMX Controller Advanced is mounted outside the pool. This gives you access to 3 training programs consisting of a total of 20 swimming training sessions, increasing in duration and intensity.

Especially for the EVAstream we have developed a complete training program for swimmers of every age and every swimming level. The workouts consist of interval, sprint and endurance elements and increase in duration and intensity. We have written a training program that will give swimmers of all ages and levels a lot of fun and challenge. Follow the program at your own level and improve not only your fitness, but also your muscle strength and speed within a few weeks. In addition to the basic program, there are also a number of specific endurance workouts and sprint workouts available, so you will remain challenged. The DMX Advanced controller comes standard with the following programs:

– Swim Test programs of 90 seconds to determine your current speed level.
– A basic training program consisting of 10 workouts with alternating interval, sprint and endurance exercises. The workouts increase in intensity and duration (15-45 minutes)
– A sprint program with 5 sprint workouts (10-15 minutes)
– An endurance program with 5 endurance training sessions (30-60 minutes)
– Infinity Swim. If you select this workout, you can swim infinitely in the EVAstream. Adjust the intensity of the EVA stream to your speed level
– Various colour and colour change programs (if you have also connected the EVA RGBW underwater lights)

The EVA RGBW underwater lighting makes the experience complete. The lighting changes color during the training and gives you orientation and motivation as a swimmer. Wondering how you will experience a training in the EVAstream with underwater lighting? Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect …

“You select a training session at your own level on the DMX Advanced controller. The underwater lights turn white, you now have one minute to take your starting position. You are in the water, about 2.5 meters from the machine… you are ready to go. The lights turn red and the machine switches on. You start with an endurance exercise at a medium pace. You swim against the current. The current is stable and strong, without splashing water. It feels like you are swimming in a 25-meter pool. The underwater lighting guides you through the training. Each exercise is built up in three parts; you start the exercise with red light, after one third the light turns green, and you end the exercise with blue light. The changing light colours give you orientation within the exercise and also motivate you. Are the lamps turning blue? You know you are almost there, you just take it a step further! Rest breaks are also built into every exercise. The lamps colour white, the EVAstream is turned off, you can catch your breath. After an endurance exercise at a fixed pace, an exercise with progressive speed and a series of sprints, the cool down follows. You have finished your training.”

Do you want to experience what it feels like to swim in the EVAstream? Make an appointment for a test swim!

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