The right underwater lighting gets the maximum ambiance in your private swimming pool

EVA Optic is market leader in underwater lighting for swimming pools and has been known for years for its rock-solid product quality and high light output. The underwater lighting for private swimming pools is based on the quality and technology of the underwater lights that have already been used in over 1,000 public swimming pools and water parks throughout Europe. Due to the proven product quality it is possible for EVA to provide a four-year product warranty on the underwater lighting.


Underwater lighting is a beautiful eye-catcher and increases the allure of every swimming pool, but also provides extra safety. The underwater lighting models from EVA Optic demonstrably comply with the international safety standard for underwater lighting IEC EN 60598-2-18. Due to the wide-angle beam of the underwater lighting you only need a few lighting fixtures to illuminate your pool evenly.

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“The EVA Optic LED lights are the best performing LED underwater lights on the current market, developed and produced in the Netherlands. Due to the unique design, the EVA underwater light is absolutely permanently waterproof: water damage to underwater lighting is finally a thing of the past. ”

Distributor EVA Optic Benelux

Unique control

With the R6 underwater light EVA makes the quality of professional LED underwater lighting accessible for private pools. The R6 underwater light is available in a mono and multicolored version, just like the professional (A-series) underwater lighting, but with a simplified control. In combination with the EVA powerline converter, the RGB light offers easy operation of nine pre-programmed colour and colour change programs. You can easily change the light colour from the water by fitting the corresponding piezo push button in the bath edge of your private swimming pool. Without a powerline converter, the R6 underwater light can be installed in a single (mono) light colour. You can easily select the desired light colour during installation with the aid of the EVA R6 programmer.

Simple and quick assembly

The EVA R6 underwater light is quickly and easily mounted in your pool. All existing mounting accessories of the professional underwater lighting of EVA Optic can also be used for the R6 underwater light. Do you prefer to keep your existing installation requirement? No problem. The R6 underwater lamp can be used in almost any existing installation with various cover disks. In addition, EVA Optic has developed a new RVS mounting flange adapter for easy screw mounting on a standard swimming pool injector.

Underwater images

The pleasure that swimming offers is something you don´t only want to experience, but you also want to capture and possibly even share. This is possible with the EVA Eveye HD underwater camera. The EVA Eveye is ideal as an extra fun factor for your private swimming pool. This good underwater camera can also serve as an extra pair of eyes under water and can be shown by means of a TVI recorder. The TVI recorder offers real-time streaming without recording capability. By adding hard disks in the recorder, the image can be recorded as desired or sent to any media medium, from telephone to screen. In addition, the TVI recorder offers the possibility of taking snapshots of moving images, which can result in beautiful photo moments!

Light advice

In order to provide you with a light advice, we ask you to provide the following information as complete as possible. If available, we would like to receive photos or (construction) drawings of the room in which you want to place our luminaires. If you want to replace luminaires, we would like to receive photos of the existing situation. After receiving your request for advice, we will contact you within a few working days.

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