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As a specialist and market leader in the field of professional LED underwater lighting, we quickly started receiving requests from private swimming pool owners. They wanted to experience the unique, multicoloured, underwater lighting in their own swimming pools. This posed an interesting challenge for our engineers. How could we translate the performance and first-class quality of our professional underwater lighting into a format that was suitable for home use? The result is the EVA R(X) underwater lighting series, an easy and quick-to-install lighting system with single-colour and multicolour settings. Compared to others on the market, this lighting system provides unrivalled value for your money. It includes a four-year product warranty, because we know that our lighting products are virtually indestructible.

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A private pool or Jacuzzi… enjoying sports and wellness from the comfort of your own home. The unique feeling of freedom and happiness that comes from relaxing in your own swimming pool, what a delightful luxury it is! We love creating new possibilities so that you can enjoy your own pool even more. That is why we have not only developed underwater lighting, but also an underwater camera. An amazingly fun extra addition to your swimming pool. Useful for supervising children in the pool, but also for capturing unique family moments on camera.

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With our brand-new innovation, we are taking the swimming pool world by storm! The EVAstream is a revolutionary swimming machine that allows you to transform even the smallest swimming pool into a full-scale training facility. Exceptionally powerful, highly stable and energy efficient. With this counter-current machine, even professional swimmers can follow challenging training regimes in their own pools. With the EVAstream, the swimming pool in your back garden becomes a fitness area for both exertion and relaxation! Because after a rigorous workout, you can just as effortlessly “swim a few easy laps”.

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