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As an expert and the market leader in professional LED underwater lighting, it didn’t take long before we started receiving requests from private swimming pool owners. They wanted to enjoy the unique multi-coloured light experience of our underwater lights in their own pools as well. A fun challenge for our engineers; adjusting the performance and incredibly durable quality of our professional underwater lighting for home use. The result is the EVA R6 RGB underwater light; in one colour or with multi-coloured function, it’s simple and quick to install. It also offers a price-quality ratio that is unique on the market. We provide a 4-year warranty as well, as we are confident that this light is nearly impossible to damage.

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EVA Eveye HD underwater camera

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EVA R6 RGB Underwater Light

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New ways to enjoy your pool

A private pool or Jacuzzi… enjoying sports and wellness from the comfort of your own home. The unique feeling of freedom and happiness that comes from relaxing in your own swimming pool, what a delightful luxury it is! We love creating new possibilities so that you can enjoy your own pool even more. That is why we have not only developed underwater lighting, but also an underwater camera. An amazingly fun extra addition to your swimming pool. Useful for supervising children in the pool, but also for capturing unique family moments on camera.


EVA Optic introduces revolutionary counter-current swimming machine

Soon we will be shaking the world of swimming pools to its core. We will be launching a brand new innovation: the EVAstream. A revolutionary swimming machine, with which you can turn even the smallest swimming pool into a full-fledged training facility. Super powerful, highly stable, and low-energy as well. This counter-current machine will facilitate challenging swim practices, even for professional swimmers, in the comfort of your own private swimming pool. Turn the swimming pool in your backyard into a gym, perfect for both training and relaxing! Because you can always go back to swimming your good-old laps ?.

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