De Slag - Hardenberg

Energy-efficient lighting

Swimming Pool de Slag in Hardenberg is a modern, open and transparent swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool houses several separate pools, including a competition pool, a multi-purpose pool and a children’s pool. EVA Optic was able to provide swimming pool de Slag in Hardenberg with a complete package of energy-efficient EVA LED swimming pool lighting, for both above and below the water.


Swimming Pool

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Hardenberg, The Netherlands

Complete assortment

EVAline Aqua HE LED linear lighting is installed above the competition pool. The EVAline system consists of comprehensive core module of anodised aluminium. The light modules are linked to the core module with an easy-click system. The light output easily complies with the requirements for a class-one competition pool (500 lux). Nevertheless, it was not necessary to place the fixtures directly above the pool. All linear lighting is positioned above the platforms around the pool. This creates a comfortable environment for the swimmers, as there is no longer a risk of blinding glare. Furthermore, this is very convenient during any maintenance activities.

EVA Classic Aqua HE LED downlights were placed in several ceiling panels above the competition pool. The same downlights are also installed above the recreational pool, the seating areas, in the changing rooms, showers, lavatories and at the entrance. Both the EVAline LED linear lighting and the downlights are part of the Aqua HE product line by EVA Optic and are therefore perfect for pool environments. Also, they comply with the necessary safety requirements (fittings, materials, and chemical treatments).

By applying LED lighting in combination with a smart lighting-system programing, in sync with the pool’s weekly program, the lighting system uses very little energy. With one press of a button, groups of fixtures are dimmed back to their minimum light level. Only the space(s) that are in use at that moment will remain at their optimum lighting level, which significantly increases energy savings.

The LED underwaterlighting used by EVA Optic contributes to safety by providing better visibility underwater. In addition, the multi-coloured underwater lights provide the facility with an instant colour metamorphosis during several recreational activities such as disco nights.