Indoor Tenniscentrum - Meppel

From TL to LED

In the summer of 2015, Tennis Centre Meppel’s TL lighting was replaced with EVAline sport LED linear lighting by EVA Optic. Since then, its six indoor tennis courts have been illuminated with tilted light modules on the adjacent platforms. Because of this, the playing field is lighted according to the international standard (EN 12193) without placing the fixtures above the field. The light modules are mounted on the aluminium core module from the EVAline sport LED linear lighting. The modular system makes it possible to flexibly move the light modules. This smart system ensures that indoor sports facilities can be uniformly well lighted, with relatively few fixtures.


Indoor Sports

Completed in:



Meppel, The Netherlands

Suitable for professional and recreational tennis players

Athletes are very critical when it comes to the quality of light, as sports lighting is crucial for visibility during the game, especially in ball games. EVAline sport is the best LED lighting solution for indoor sports facilities there is. The combination of the LEDs’ high colour rendering index (CRI), low glare factor (UGR <19, glare-free lighting) and the very low flicker index (flicker-free lighting) means that EVA LED indoor sports lighting creates the perfect light experience, which is indispensable for sports environments. Standard fixtures are not designed for this, but the sport LED lighting fixtures by EVA Optic are.

The current lux values of EVA’s LED linear lighting in Tennis Centre Meppel have been calculated for both professional and recreational tennis players. Because of EVA’s LED lighting, Tennis Centre Meppel is now able to organise larger tennis tournaments. Would you like to read more about our customers’ experiences? Please read what Silvester Jorna and Arjen Bijsterbosch had to say about EVA LED linear lighting and our company: energy-efficient and service-oriented.