Ethnological Museum - Mannheim

Customized solution

In 2015, the Ethnological Museum in Mannheim was provided by Herin and Van Keulen – Magista with a customized solution for the storage system in the depot of the museum. Around 80 percent of the collection is in this depot. It is precisely in a depot where very diverse objects of all kinds of fragile materials and very different, sometimes extremely large, formats are stored, that customization is an absolute condition.



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Mannheim, Duistland

Increased storage volume

In order to highlight the required storage volume and the available high storage space with a second storage level, EVA Optic LED line lighting has been chosen. The high color fastness (CRI) of the LEDs ensures that all colours are displayed clearly. The low glare factor (UGR <19) gives a pleasant, calm light image. The lighting is also flicker-free, so that there is no disturbing stroboscopic effect.

The light modules are attached to the aluminum base line. The modular LED line lighting system enables the flexible positioning of the light modules. This smart lighting system ensures that the storage is evenly and well illuminated with relatively few luminaires.

By opting for mobile storage systems from Magista, a huge extra capacity could be realized. However, the luminaires to be installed also had to meet the correct light intensity in and between the mobile storage system. The LED line lighting of EVA Optic is extremely suitable for this. At the end of 2016 it became clear that the new depot is what the Ethnology Museum had in mind: a storage system that does not rely on standard facilities, but has adapted itself to the objects that are stored and managed, delivered including LED lighting.