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EVA Optic has been the number one expert in professional LED swimming pool lighting for over a decade now; known for our incredibly durable, high-quality EVA LED underwater lighting. In recent years, we’ve developed a complete assortment of LED lighting, especially for the swimming pool environment. Whether you have a public pool, a water park like Center Parcs, or a top sports facility; we create powerful LED lighting for your entire swimming pool area.

The need for specialist LED lighting

Heat, chlorine and humidity put high demands on lighting systems in a swimming pool environments. Ordinary luminaires are not sustainable and durable enough. The national and international standards for electrical safety and material usage in swimming pools and water parks are also very strict. EVA Optic’s LED swimming pool lighting was developed especially for long-term, trouble-free usage in this type of environment and complies with all standards.

An unforgettable experience for all ages

Lighting is essential for safety in a swimming facility. It provides optimal visibility both above and below the surface of the water, and it contributes directly to the surrounding ambience. We’ll help make sure that your guests have an unforgettable day. Amaze them with lighting solutions that create the perfect atmosphere. At the touch of a button, you can instantly increase the entertainment value of your swimming facility, ensuring that both young and old will be happy to come back and visit again.

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Create the ultimate swimming experience in no time

Your swimming pool is equipped with the finest attractions, that makes it clear that you want to offer your guests a special day out. After all, ultimately it’s all about making their experience complete. To help you heighten this experience, we offer RGBW lighting for both above and below the surface of the water. Would you like to provide the ultimate experience? Choose our EVA Pool Entertainment System. With just the touch of a button, you can activate an entire light and sound show.

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Financial benefits of EVA LED pool lighting

Lighting is a major investment for swimming pools. Not only the purchase of a lighting system, but also the system’s energy use and maintenance costs can be expensive. These costs also recur every year. With LED lighting, you will save on the following costs for many years to come:

  • LED lighting uses on average 50 to 70% less energy than fluorescent and discharge lights
  • LED lighting has a lifespan that is 5 to 10 times longer
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Expert developers

Our product developers know the world of swimming pools like the palm of their hands. They combine their knowledge in the field of LED technology, materials science, and electronics with many years of expertise in swimming pools and water parks. They use this knowledge and expertise to design new, innovative products and to further improve our current product assortment. As we strive for perfection, we will do everything in our power to produce the best possible, sustainable and durable LED lighting for our customers.

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We gladly share our knowledge and experience with our customers. In a light plan, we will show you which creative possibilities EVA Optic LED lighting has to offer. You’ll be surprised to find what our lighting can do for the overall experience in your entire facility! Please feel free to contact us using our contact form, or call us at +31 (0)38 – 33 75 067.

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