A rock-solid partnership: EVA Optic and PoolFIX®

After a successful first acquaintance, EVA Optic and PoolFIX® decided to formalise their partnership. From early 2023, EVA Optic’s lighting systems are fitted with PoolFIX®’s fasteners.

“By joining forces, we combine our specialised pool lighting with PoolFIX®’s certified fastening materials,” says Martijn van der Ziel, account manager at EVA Optic.


PoolFIX® supplies certified fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws, in two types: PoolFIX® 5th generation and 1.4529 material. All materials comply with the Building Decree 2012, NPR 9200:2015, Bbl 2022, DIN EN 15288-1:2019-05 and the Quality Assurance Act.

Van der Ziel: “We believe it is important for customers to be able to use our lighting worry-free for years. The fixing materials from PoolFIX® contribute to this directly.”

Peace of mind

Martijn Wirken, director/owner of PoolFIX®: “Together we offer clients peace of mind, with a product that has been specially developed for the challenging pool climate and meets all the quality and safety requirements of the market. We look forward to further expand this partnership in the near future.”

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