Optimal underwater lighting performance with the new SubAqua series

In the swimming pool world, EVA Optic is synonymous with innovation. We develop our products from the user’s perspective and are not inhibited by “how it is always done” in the market. We push the boundaries and constantly immerse ourselves in new technologies.

A great example of our continuous quest for innovation is the SubAqua underwater lighting series. The series is based on the design of our well-known A-series underwater lights. The design combines our knowledge and experience with the latest generation of highly efficient power LEDs and high-quality materials for a new level of quality.

Further development

This series has a higher wattage than the A- or RX-series. Instead of 20W, there is now 25W. In addition, the 40W mono underwater light is back. With beautiful bright white, warm white and Mediterranean white light. All existing accessories for the A series (and also the RX series) are compatible with the new EVA SubAqua series.

Satin or Microprism cover

The SubAqua underwater lights are available in 25W mono, 25W RGBW (both with a Satin cover) to 40W mono and 50W RGBW (both with a Microprism cover). Satin covers are great for smaller pools where even illumination of the entire pool is desired. In our most powerful models, we have chosen Microprism covers. The Microprism cover ensures that the light is effectively spread across the pool, making the most of each lamp in larger commercial pools.

Unique opportunity

For orders of 100 units or more, SubAqua underwater lights can be branded with the customer’s logo. A unique opportunity to sell EVA LED underwater lights under your own private label. An order of 100 pieces can be a combination of mono and RGBW lamps of the same wattage. However, it is not possible to combine 25W and 40/50W lamps in one batch of 100 because of the difference in cover types.

Wondering how an EVA SubAqua LED underwater lamp would look with your own company logo? Contact your dealer for more information.

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