Optimal swimming training with the EVAstream and the Piezo3

Just imagine…
You are looking for a challenging swim training session. Once in the pool, you switch on the system using the Piezo3 control. You select one of the three training programmes (sprint, interval or endurance) and set your level. 

Favourite swimming speed
One push of the button starts the programme at the desired swimming speed. When the RGBW underwater lights turn white, you know you have one minute to take your starting position. 

Optimal swimming zone
You are in the water at about 2.5 metres from the EVAstream swimming machine. This is the best distance from the machine to swim completely free, without the water splashing in your face. It feels like swimming in a 25-metre pool. 

The underwater lights flash. Meaning that the EVAstream is about to start. You start to swim in at a calm pace. After a short break, the training can officially begin. The underwater lighting guides you through the training. The changing colours provide orientation within the exercise and motivate you as well. 

Phases and orientation
Each exercise is divided into three parts: first red, then green and finally blue. This gives you an orientation of the duration of the exercise while swimming. 

  • Red: You are at the beginning of the exercise
  • Green: You are in the middle of the exercise
  • Blue: You are in the last phase of the exercise

The number of flashing lights indicates how often the exercise is repeated. This allows you to follow the training very intuitively. 

Watch the EVAstream video to get a good impression.

Fully in control
The number of times the lights flash indicates how often the exercise will be repeated. This way, you know exactly in which stage of the training you are and what is coming up. With the Piezo button, you can easily increase or decrease the flow speed. The machine remembers the speed at which you ended your previous workout. 

Can’t wait to start?
You can now use our special offer: a complete set, consisting of the EVAstream swimming machine (built-in), Piezo3 control with swim training sessions, and colorful underwater lighting. Read more about this promo and the conditions.

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