Multifunctional Facilities

Over the years, we have equipped many multifunctional facilities with EVA LED lighting. We not only have all the knowledge and experience necessary in this market, but we are also the only manufacturer with a complete assortment for illuminating multifunctional facilities with the right LED lighting from A to Z. Both the swimming pool and the sports hall, as well as all other types of spaces.

LED lighting supports the multifunctional use of spaces

Heat, chlorine, and humidity put high demands on lighting systems in swimming pool environments. Normal fixtures are not durable enough to meet these demands. Furthermore, the national and international standards for electrical safety and material usage in swimming pools and water parks are strict. EVA Optic’s LED swimming pool lighting was specifically developed for years of problem-free usage in this type of environment and complies with all standards.

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Light show to the beat of the music

Looking for functional lighting, but also love ambient light shows? Now you can have both, by applying multi-coloured lighting. Add an extra dimension to your swimming pool by combining light and sound. With the EVA audio connector and the EVO DMX controller, the light of the EVA RGBW luminaires changes colour to the beat of the music. From now on, disco and theme nights will be a brand new experience.

Everything is connected

All EVA Optic LED lighting is suitable for connectivity and central control systems. With the EVO DMX controller (or with a laptop/smartphone/tablet) the lighting in the entire facility will be transformed at the press of a button. Change the colour and light intensity any time you like, in any space or in multiple spaces at the same time. The possibilities are endless and include daylight control or other low-energy functions, integrated emergency lighting, and of course custom programming.

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