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Few environments make greater demands on a lighting system than a swimming pool. The influence of heat, moisture and chlorine on lighting is often underestimated. With these influencing factors in mind, we develop our high-quality LED underwater lighting. For long-term, trouble-free usage in this challenging environment. Our product developers know the world of swimming pools like the palm of their hands. They combine their knowledge in the field of LED technology, materials science, and electronics with many years of expertise in swimming pools and water parks. They use this knowledge and expertise to design new, innovative products and to further improve our product assortment.

Number one in underwater lighting

For over a decade, we have been the number one expert in professional LED swimming pool lighting. We developed a complete assortment of powerful, reliable, energy efficient and most of all beautifully designed LED underwater lighting. That functions optimally in any swimming pool environment. From public pools and water parks like Center Parcs to private pools.

Safe and well-tested

Our LED underwater lights comply with the international safety standards IEC EN 60598-2-18 and NEN NPR 9200:2015.. They are tested for electrical safety (SELV), waterproofness (IPX8/IP68), insulation class (III), impact resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure, thermal protection and fire safety, among others.


EVA SubAqua series

A good example of our continuous search for innovation is the SubAqua underwater lighting series, to be introduced in 2023. This new range of underwater lights will be available in both a 25W and a 40W/50W variant. The design combines our knowledge and experience with the newest generation of high-efficiency powerLEDs and top quality materials for a new level of quality.

Satin or microprism cover
The SubAqua underwater lighting is available in 25W mono, 25W RGBW (with satin cover), 40W mono and 50W RGBW (with microprism cover). Satin covers are highly suitable for smaller pools where completely even illumination of the entire pool is desired. We opted for microprim covers in our most powerful models. The microprism cover ensures that the light is carried effectively across the pool, getting the most out of each light in larger and competitive pools.

To the SubAqua series

Components Underwater Lights

An EVA SubAqua underwater lamp is mounted in the pool wall, in an installation niche. Sometimes an installation niche is already present. In addition to its own niche, EVA SubAqua underwater lighting can also be installed in many installation niches by other brands using a suitable cover plate. We can advise you on which type of cover plate suits the niches in your pool. In addition to a niche and a suitable cover plate, the lighting also requires a power supply unit (PSU).

To all Underwater Lights Accessories

Lighting for staircases and whirlpools

The EVA Q2 underwater light is suitable for zone 0. The EVA Q2 is a smaller lamp and is often used in pool stairs. In addition, the lamp is used when a smaller lamp with less wattage is desired.

The EVA B2 underwater light is suitable for zone 0, 1 and 2. The EVA B2 is suitable for prefab pools and whirlpools and is not applicable in concrete pools, because the light has to be serviceable from the backside.

In the beginning of 2023 we will introduce a new lamp for the Q2- series: the SubAquaXS (SAXS). This lamp is even more reliable in demanding pool environments, because it is made of ABS instead of stainless steel and uses our proven water cooling technique to ensure a maximum lifespan.

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