LED lighting on musical beat

EVA Optic introduces the best light experience

EVA Optic has a complete assortment of lighting to provide every indoor sports facility with efficient, high-quality LED lighting. From LED linear lighting and downlights to spotlights, pendants and underwater lighting. Whether you are looking for LED lighting for an existing or new facility, below or above the water, for top sports facilities or for a recreational pool: EVA has got it all! As an addition to its EVO DMX controller, EVA Optic developed the EVA Audio connection. During the 2017 Aquanale fair in Cologne, EVA Optic previewed this product for the first time. The audio connection will be available from April 2018.

Multifunctional facilities

Because of our broad selection of luminaires, not only the swimming pool or sports centre, but every room in your facility can be illuminated with EVA LED lighting. With the EVO DMX controller, or in combination with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can transform the entire facility’s lighting with one press of a button. You could control the swimming pool or sports centre lighting from the reception or the restaurant. Pre-programed settings create extra energy savings.

Attractive light show

By using multi-coloured RGBW lighting, it is possible to create an attractive light show in any indoor sports facility. From April 2018, the audio connection can be ordered as an addition to the EVO DMX controller. With this connection, you can synchronise all of the EVA RGBW luminaires in your facility to the beat of the music. This creates a completely new experience during disco or theme nights making your indoor sports facility adaptable for a wide range of purposes.


Are you interested in EVA LED lighting or in these valuable optional addition? Discover the possibilities of our lighting in combination with the EVO DMX controller and audio connection in our newest animation! Would you rather have direct contact with EVA Optic’s lighting advisors? We would be glad to provide you with advice on lighting and are available to respond to all of your questions at +31 (0)38 – 337 5067.


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