Choose LED lighting where the latest developments
have been applied according to international standards

The power of EVA

Knowledge, quality and flexibility are the strengths of EVA. As LED lighting specialist EVA is always aware of the best and latest possibilities in LED technology, control technology and the necessary components. We apply our knowledge very effectively in practice for the in-house development and manufacturing of high-end solutions for our market.

From passion to market leader

Our goal: develop the very best LED lighting for a.o. swimming pools, water parks and indoor sports centers: powerful, energy efficient and reliable. By responding to the needs of users and operators, and by using the latest techniques and technologies in the market. By constantly improving and optimizing, not standing still and never being completely satisfied. This perfectionism combined with knowledge and experience has ensured that anno 2018 EVA Optic is market leader in swimming pool lighting.


In-house development and manufacturing

All EVA LED lighting is designed, developed and produced in-house. This in-house combination offers important advantages such as constant quality control, quick and continuous product development, flexibility and safeguarding of our knowledge. You can see this directly in the quality and performance of EVA LED lighting.


In our production process we use the latest technologies and techniques including laser cutters and 3D printers. In addition, the latest developments in LED technology and control technology according to international standards are applied in our products. This is only possible by having every step in the development and production process take place in our production facility in Zwartsluis. Everything from sketch design to prototype testing to the production of the actual end product takes place here.


Stay up to date

We gladly share our passion and knowledge with you by regularly publishing knowledge articles on our news pageThese articles are mostly focused on the values that determine the identity of our company: experience, safety, innovative and sustainable. We hope to help you to increase your knowledge: knowledge is power, after all. We also hope to inspire you with information about new projects and products. An excellent way to keep yourself up to date with news, projects, products and developments is our EVA Talk newsletter.

Knowledge articles

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