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We believe in focus, creativity and perseverance, as that ultimately results in the best products.

This applies to creating new products, but also to improving our existing products. More light, better colour output, more efficient control systems, better materials; we keep searching for new ways to further improve our products.

We are constantly exploring new techniques and integrating them into new production methods. A good example of this is 3D printing, a technique that offers new creative opportunities for product development and prototyping, but is also being employed for the production of end products. We are pushing the limits of new techniques. This is the reason why we are able to discover new ways to help people enjoy swimming and sports even more.

When creating new products, we purposely do not follow the existing solutions on the market. Because letting go of conventional working methods creates room for new possibilities.

Demanding environments such as swimming pools are a great challenge to us. We want to aim high and show that we can develop innovative products that are especially suitable for these kinds of environments. With products that stand out from other products on the market because of their high-quality and sustainability. That’s what we’re good at and what makes us happy!

The first idea for a new product usually starts with a question or market demand. We subject the idea to a series of analyses. This results in a wish list with product features and functions. This list forms the groundwork for our product engineers. They build the product concept from scratch; materials, components, electronics and techniques, they do it all. A creative process that eventually results in the first prototype. Then the next phase of the process will begin: refining and improving. This will continue until a prototype has been made that complies with every requirement, in terms of quality, technology, and functionality. Then the final phase of the product development process starts: (endurance) testing. Only when the product has successfully completed this phase, will we add the new product to our assortment.

All EVA Optic products are designed, developed and produced at our own facilities in Zwartsluis (the Netherlands). This is very advantageous for our quality checks, for example. We are critical about the quality of our products. After all, the product should ensure long-term, carefree user comfort. Our production employees have undergone the best in-house trainings. They have an eye for quality and detail, and this is reflected in our products.