EVA's innovative power

EVA Optic is the representative of innovative power in the world of swimming pools, sports & home wellness. We develop products that provide a fantastic swimming and sports experience. Both in a professional environment and in your own swimming pool at home. We see new opportunities, smart possibilities to enjoy swimming and sports even more. That is why we deliberately do not look at existing solutions in the market. Because letting go of conventional design frameworks creates room for new possibilities.

Unique EVA innovations

For example, we developed LED linear lighting for competition pools with blue orientation points for backstroke swimmers. For sports halls we developed linear lighting that gives the experience of playing in the open air; glare-free and flicker-free so that even fast ball sports can be played perfectly. For Center Parcs Aqua Mundo waterparcs we have developed specialist lighting to enhance the atmosphere. And for private swimming pools we developed a compact but very powerful counter-current swimming machine, the EVAstream. You can use it to transform even small swimming pools into full-fledged training pools. To really get the most out of every swimming pool.

Specialist in demanding environments

We have specialized in the demanding swimming pool environment. An environment where heat, moisture and chlorine fumes place heavy demands on every product. We see a great challenge in this demanding climate. Because we want to set the bar high. Show that we can develop innovative products especially for this environment. Products that, moreover, far exceed the other products in the market in terms of quality and durability. That is what we are good at and have a lot of fun with!

We are innovators

We are innovators. We believe in focus, creativity and persistence, because that ultimately results in the best products. So we also continue the development of existing products. New techniques and technologies offer new possibilities. More light, better color rendering, more motor power, a better swimming experience, more efficient control, new materials; we keep looking for ways to improve our products even further. So that our customers can always enjoy the best that the market has to offer.