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Perfect light quality for the best sporting experience

Athletes are highly critical when it comes to light quality. And rightly so, because lighting makes a big difference to the overall game experience, especially in fast-paced ball sports. EVAline LED sports lighting combines the most important features needed for the perfect light experience: the high colour fastness (CRI) of the LEDs, the low glare factor of the shields (UGR <19) and a driver with a very low flicker index (flicker-free lighting). These features are indispensable, especially for sports applications.

Lighting makes sports facilities multifunctional

We have developed a complete assortment of LED lighting for illuminating your entire sports facility; from LED line lighting and downlights to wall luminaires and spotlights. With additional multi-coloured (RGBW) lighting, sports halls can be used for multiple purposes such as celebrations and parties, events, or a playground. EVA Optic LED lighting offers practical and simple solutions to make every sports facility more multifunctional.

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EVAline LED basic lighting is especially perfect for illuminating indoor sports fields. The demands and experiences of athletes were our starting points for developing this product. The high colour fastness of the LEDs (CRI 84) ensures that colours look the same as in natural daylight. The luminaires illuminate the playing field evenly, also when positioned (at an angle) next to the field.

EVAline basic lighting has a very low glare factor (UGR < 19) because of the unique micro-prism shields. The shield ensures that the powerful LEDs do not create glare and are therefore perfectly adapted for use in sports facilities. After all, nothing is more distracting for athletes than overly bright lights that glare from time to time and could cause them to lose sight of the ball.

Lastly, the flicker index is very important to the quality and perception of light. EVA Optic luminaires are flicker-free. This is a very important feature. Low-frequency flickers in lighting can lead to blurred vision, tired eyes, and reduced visual perception. Flickers can also cause stroboscopic effects, which makes objects (balls or shuttlecocks) seem to slow down or stop moving. Even flickers on frequencies that are not visible to the naked eye can cause these results. Flickering light is very distracting for athletes and highly undesirable.

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