Create an attractive light show in your indoor
sports facility with EVA LED lighting

Beautiful eye-catcher

EVA LED lighting is a beautiful eye-catcher and increases the allure of every indoor sports facility. The complete assortment of lighting makes it possible to fully equip every indoor sports facility with efficient, high quality LED lighting. The diversity of luminaires ensures that not only the swimming pool or sports hall, but every room in your accommodation can be illuminated with EVA LED lighting.

Tailored advice

The indoor sports accommodation anno 2018 is often used multifunctionally. Our consultants offer more than just a light advice. They think in terms of possibilities and are happy to advise you. We will go deeper into the wishes, objectives, standards and guidelines for your accommodation. We know our markets well and know exactly what our products can do. This results in a well thought-out and imaginative lighting plan, which we can supply to you completely through our complete range.

“EVA’s LED lighting offers De Mirandabad the opportunity to illuminate the dome in such a spectacular way that this alone is worth a visit. In addition to the low-energy LED lighting, the design of EVA Optic’s products has also been an important factor in our choice. Because of EVA’s LED lighting, we have the opportunity to create any atmosphere that we would like for several target groups and events. In short: nice designs, low-energy, good service, and this system offers us a lot of possibilities!”

Herman van Eykelenburg
Work planner RVE Sports and Forestry, Municipality of Amsterdam

Easy control

All EVA LED lighting works together. By connecting the ArchiTech EVO DMX controller to your EVA lighting, you can transform the lighting in the entire facility on the controller or in combination with your laptop, smartphone or tablet with one press of a button. You could control the lighting in the swimming pool or the changing room from the reception or restaurant. You can also use the controller to change the colour and light intensity at any time or create and play your own light scenes.


Attractive light show

With the multi-coloured RGBW lighting, in addition to functional lighting, you can create an attractive light show in your indoor sports facility. The EVA audio connection can be ordered as an addition to the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller. With this connection, you can synchronise all of the EVA RGBW fixtures in your facility to the beat of the music. This creates a completely new experience during disco or theme nights, making your facility adaptable for a wide range of purposes.

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