EVA Experience Control

Rediscover your pool

Make swimming even more fun with our experience products! Transform your pool into a true training facility with the EVAstream. Complete the experience with atmospheric underwater lighting. This enhances the allure of every pool. Change the ambiance at the push of a button.

Easily controlled

You control the EVAstream and underwater lighting very easily with the EVA Experience web app (via your own tablet) in combination with the EVA Piezo controller. In 2023, we will also add a Tablet set to our range. Consisting of an iPad with a wireless charger (IPORT), which you easily hang on the wall thanks to its magnetic housing.


EVA Experience Web App

We are pleased to introduce the new EVA Experience web app. A personal, digital environment in which EVAstream users can follow and adjust swimming training sessions via a tablet. The lighting inside and outside the pool can also be easily controlled this way.

Four great features of the web environment

  1. Setting personal swimming preferences
  2. Seamless operation inside and outside the pool
  3. Controlling (mood) lighting
  4. Setting child locks

Control your experience from your pool with the Piezo control

The EVAstream and our lighting solutions are also easy to operate inside the pool. For this, you use the Piezo buttons. Before entering the water, set up your swim workout via the Web App. Use the Piezo buttons to start the swim workout, adjust the speed, pause the workout or set a different light colour or intensity. All at just the touch of a button.

To the Piezo Control

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