The ultimate sports and wellness experience

EVA Optic’s innovations create the ultimate sports and wellness experiences. With safe, sustainable, high-quality products for experiencing carefree moments of comfort, fun, and athletic achievements for years to come.

In addition to basic lighting, we have a complete assortment of ambient lighting, available in all light colours imaginable. The multi-coloured (RGBW) lights are connected and can be lit synchronously, or in any pattern you like. A complete colour makeover at the press of a button. In addition to custom programming, the possibilities for making your visitors’ experiences complete are endless. One example is the EVA audio connector that changes the colour of the lights to the beat of the music.

We always focus on the experience. We want our products to help people have unique experiences. For example, by making you private swimming pool multifunctional. Perhaps you have had a pool in your backyard for years. But you’re no longer using it as much as you once did because it is a little too small to swim laps in. How can we make sure that you’ll start enjoying your pool again? With a powerful counter-current swimming machine that allows you to exercise and train in the comfort of your home the entire year round, no matter how small your pool might be!

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We also care about the experience in multifunctional sports centres. How can you make your building more multifunctional and important for the community? Adding multi-coloured RGBW LED lighting at strategic locations will create practical possibilities. Not only for sports, but also for parties, markets, meetings, you name it. We love challenges and coming up with good solutions that help people bring together sports and the community.

Of course, we won’t forget about our core business; manufacturing the very best LED lighting for swimming pools and sports halls. From public swimming pools to professional sports facilities and everything in-between. Powerful lighting of incredibly durable quality, for the best sports experiences.