EVAstream Promo 2021

Swim like in a 25-meter pool, but now in the privacy of your own pool. Take advantage of the EVAstream promo action: a complete set including the EVAstream swim machine (built-in), Piezo3 control in the pool with swim training, and auto-synchronizing multicolour underwater lighting. This is how you really get the most out of your swimming pool!

Get the most out of your pool

By using the promo you will experience the EVAstream as it is meant to be. Follow 3 pre-programmed swim workouts consisting of interval, sprint and endurance elements. The 2 included EVA RX RGBW underwater lights complete the experience. The lighting colours change during the training and give you orientation, as well as motivate you. You control the EVAstream and the lighting from inside the pool with the 3-button Piezo3 control. The set is available with the 3 EVAstream models (Fit, Pro, Max) as a recessed version. The mounting parts/accessories of EVAstream, Piezo control and underwater lamps are available in 2 colors of matching luxury design ABS; anthracite or white.

>> Download the EVAstream PROMO

The promotion is valid until December 31 2021. Sales go through the regular sales channels (your swimming pool advisor/reseller). You don’t have a swimming pool advisor yet? Contact us on +31 (0) 38 – 33 75 067 or fill in the contact form and we will contact you.

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