Meet the EVAstream. Get the most out of your pool with this versatile swimming machine. Swim as in a 25-meter pool. Only now at home, in your own swimming pool!

Swim all year round

Healthier with the EVAstream

The EVAstream turns any swimming pool into a professional training pool, home-fitness and unique aqua attraction. Use your pool for more than just a refreshing dip on hot summer days. Start your working day with an energetic swim workout. Or dive into your pool at night to release the stress of a busy day. Follow the EVAstream swim training program to improve your fitness and stamina, enjoy aquajogging or use the EVAstream in your rehabilitation program. And the kids? They will have loads of fun in the, easy to create, rapid or underwater volcano. Fantastic fun for the entire family. All year round.

Swimming is healthy, very much so. Regular swimming trains all muscle groups and strengthens your entire body. A true full-body workout without injury. But swimming is also good for your mind. The silence in the water, the repetitive swimming movements, combined with the synchronized multicolour EVA underwater lighting will bring you complete peace of mind. Swimming in the EVAstream is almost meditative; relaxation through exertion! Swimming in the EVAstream is good for your heart and lungs, muscle strength and endurance. It reduces stress, improves sleep and provides energy. That is why an EVAstream is part of the standard equipment for every swimming pool.

The EVAstream is developed to perfection. The swimming machine meets the strict international safety requirements for electrical safety, entrapment hazards and hair safety. Both for residential swimming pools (EN 16582-1) and public swimming pools (EN 13451-1).

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Meet the EVAstream

With our brand new innovation, we are turning the swimming pool world upside down! The EVAstream is a revolutionary swimming machine with which you can transform even the smallest swimming pool into a fully-fledged training facility. Super powerful, very stable and energy efficient too. With this counter-current machine, even competitive swimmers can follow a challenging swim workout, right in their own pool. And with that, the pool in your garden suddenly becomes a fitness room, which can be used for exercise and relaxation! Because just calmly “swimming laps” is of course also possible.

EVAstream Models

EVAstream Surface Mounted

EVAstream Recessed Mounted

The EVAstream is suitable for large and small swimming pools. The EVAstream is suitable for swimming pools from 4.5 meters long and 3 meters wide. The EVAstream can also be easily retrofitted in existing swimming pools.

The EVAstream is available in 3 models; EVAstream Fit, Pro and Max. The EVAstream Fit Fit is favored by recreational swimmers. To maintain fitness, for aqua jogging or for use in rehabilitation. Experienced swimmers and athletes choose the EVAstream Pro, because of its extra powerful current. The EVAstream Max offers the maximum swimming experience. Not only is this the most powerful EVAstream, but with the double motor, the EVAstream Max also offers the largest swim zone. This makes the EVAstream Max suitable even for small swimming pools.

The 3 EVAstream models are available as both a surface mounted version and as a recessed mounted version which is mounted in a niche in the pool wall.

Versatile swimming machine

EVAstream Fit EVAstream Pro EVAstream Max
Flow rate capacity Max. 225 m3/h (adjustable) Max. 350 m3/h (adjustable) Max. 2x 225 m3/h (adjustable)
Max. water speed at outlet 5.5 m/s (adjustable) 8.5 m/s (adjustable) 2x 5.5 m/s (adjustable)
Max. swim speed in swim zone 01:45s per 100m 01:10s per 100m 00:55s per 100m
Recommended use Recreational swimmer Experienced swimmer Maximum swimming experience; Most powerful EVAstream, largest swim zone

Power over volume!

Unlike other counter-current systems, which aim for high water displacement, the purpose of the EVAstream is to generate maximum flow rate. Power over volume!

Because of this innovative approach, the flow of the EVAstream is more powerful and reaches further into the pool. This makes the effective swim zone much larger, for a fantastic swimming experience! Swimming at a greater distance from the machine, gives more space for swimming freely. There is enough room to accelerate without hitting the pool wall. This makes the experience of swimming in the EVAstream very natural. In short: unrestrained swimming as in a public pool, but now in the privacy of your own pool!

Challenging swim workouts

Especially for the EVAstream we have developed a complete training program for swimmers of every age and every swimming level. The workouts consist of interval, sprint and endurance elements and increase in duration and intensity.

The EVA RGBW underwater lights complete the experience. The underwater lighting guides you through the training. The changing light colours give you orientation within the exercise and motivate you as well. Use the special training programs to improve your health, fitness and endurance.

There are currently 2 options for EVAstream swim training sessions:

  • The DMX Controller Advanced with 20 preset training sessions (controlled from outside of the pool)
  • 3x Piezo switches with 3 preset training sessions (controlled from within the pool)
Read more about the EVA Experience Control

Wondering how you will experience a training in the EVAstream? Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect …

“You select a training session at your own level on the DMX Advanced controller. The underwater lights turn white, you now have one minute to take your starting position. You are in the water, about 2.5 meters from the machine… you are ready to go. The lights turn red and the machine switches on. You start with an endurance exercise at a medium pace. You swim against the current. The current is stable and strong, without splashing water. It feels like you are swimming in a 25-meter pool. The underwater lighting guides you through the training. Each exercise is built up in three parts; you start the exercise with red light, after one third the light turns green, and you end the exercise with blue light. The changing light colours give you orientation within the exercise and also motivate you. Are the lamps turning blue? You know you are almost there, you just take it a step further! Rest breaks are also built into every exercise. The lamps colour white, the EVAstream is turned off, you can catch your breath. After an endurance exercise at a fixed pace, an exercise with progressive speed and a series of sprints, the cool down follows. You have finished your training.”

Do you want to experience what it feels like to swim in the EVAstream?Make an appointment for a test swim!

Mounting and Accessories

Mounting the EVAstream is very simple. The surface-mounted version is plug-and-play and can be flexibly attached to the pool wall with strong suction cups. This makes it possible to use the EVAstream for many purposes, for example as a pool rapid or underwater volcano. You can also opt for fixed mounting of the surface-mounted version, by means of various brackets or on a recessed niche for EVA underwater lighting.

Of course it is also possible to mount the EVAstream flush in the pool wall. Niches and cover plates are available in stainless steel, impact-resistant PE/PP and luxury design ABS in anthracite and white.

The electrical connection is also simple because, unlike other countercurrent systems, you do not need a three-phase power installation for the EVAstream! Your regular 16A 230V power connection is sufficient.

Try the EVAstream

Would you like to experience for yourself what it is like to swim in the EVAstream? We can imagine that!

Experience how you can swim freely, and completely in balance, without any annoying splashing in your face. You do not have to “work” in the EVAstream to remain stable in the water, you can simply just swim. Of course there are differences in swim speed and flow width between the 3 EVAstream models. That is why we offer you, together with selected partners, the opportunity for a test swim at various locations.

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