EVA Optic launches web environment for EVAstream users

We are pleased to introduce the new EVA Experience Controller. A personal, digital environment in which EVAstream users can follow and adjust their swimming training via a tablet. The lighting inside and outside the pool can be controlled easily in this way as well.

The four functionalities of the new web environment

1. Set personal swimming preferences

Everyone has their own swimming preferences. That is why family members can set their own favourite swimming workouts. Users can choose between sprint training (18 min), short interval training (24 min), long interval training (37 min) and endurance training (48 min).

This way, every family member can follow a swimming training at his or her own pace and level. The training sessions are put together by experienced swimmers in cooperation with professional swimming coaches. They are aimed at building up condition, muscle strength and improving speed and endurance.

2. Seamless operation inside and outside the pool

The swimming training that users prepare via the web environment is then easily controlled from the water with the Piezo3 control. The user can easily adjust the intensity of the workout by increasing or decreasing the speed as desired. The changed settings are automatically stored and form the starting point for the next training session.

3. Operating the (ambient) lighting

During the training programmes, the underwater lighting is set as standard. This provides orientation, support and motivation during training. Outside the training sessions, you can set the atmosphere yourself via the EVA web environment.

From the colour schemes and transitions to the intensity or intimacy of the light. And not only the lighting in the pool, you can also control the lighting in four different zones via the web environment. So you can easily set the mood for your pool, jacuzzi or backyard!

4. Setting the child lock

Children can have lots of fun with the EVAstream. But under adult supervision or approval. After entering the four-digit code the water fun can safely start. The code can be adjusted as desired.

Now in development: designing your own training

Making speed adjustments to pre-programmed swim workouts is the first step towards a completely personalised training offer. With this, end users and swim trainers can develop personal swim training sessions. For example, to be optimally prepared for a triathlon or to rehabilitate in a calm and safe manner.

Curious about the web environment?

Please contact your pool builder for more information.

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