EVA Optic introduces asymmetrical EVAline LED line lighting

EVA Optic introduces its latest innovation: the asymmetrical EVAline LED line lighting. With this unique lighting product, which is placed in a square outside the pool, installers create an optimally illuminated pool. Without fixtures above the water surface.

Advantages of the asymmetrical EVAline

Whereas symmetrical light sources spread their light evenly in all directions, the asymmetrical light line shines in one direction. From an angle of 30 or 40 degrees, the entire pool is illuminated. As the other directions are not illuminated, the updated lighting system requires fewer light sources. This saves on energy and maintenance costs. At the same time, installing and maintaining this new lighting system is easier and less time-consuming. Installers can access the lighting from the platform and do not have to use labour-intensive and costly scaffolding to do so.

Non blinding light for swimmers and supervisors

The asymmetrical EVAline is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain LED light line specially developed for the demanding environment of swimming pools. Because the asymmetrical light line is placed around (not above) the pool, it creates an even light image (UGR value: >19) that prevents a blinding effect. This offers supervisors the ability to monitor safety in the pool and backswimmers a pleasant experience.

Tested, certified and ready for use

The asymmetrical EVAline is ready for use. The new LED light line has been extensively tested by the International Product Testing and Certification Organisation DEKRA. Resulting in a ball-proof certificate (DIN VDE 0710-13 1981, DIN 18032-3: 1997) and a UGR value of >19. A valuable confirmation of the quality, safety and service life of this innovative lighting product.

For more information or advice, please contact sales@evaoptic.nl or call +31 (0)38 – 33 75 067.

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