EVA Optic accredited training company

EVA Optic appointed as an accredited training company

Professional education and business life work together with the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB), in order to give students the best practical training with good job prospects. Companies get the professionals they need and students comply with the law regarding education and professional education, which obliges every vocational education student to work at an accredited training company during the practical part of their education. 


In order to become an accredited training company, the company must comply with several conditions. The student needs to be offered a good, safe workplace within the context of daily business operations. The training company must also be capable of letting the student do the assignments that he or she needs to do in order to comply with the final terms. Also, it is important to offer the necessary facilities, as well as a workplace trainer, a learning plan and investments in time, space and resources.


For its appointment as accredited training company, EVA Optic has found a partner that is able and willing to complement EVA in a number of skills in the Boxum Installatiegroep in Vollenhove. Students who have an internship at EVA can gain a lot of these skills at EVA Optic. A number of tasks and goals that schools require from students, which EVA cannot offer, can be achieved at Boxum Installatiegroep through an internship trajectory. A unique collaboration and title that we are proud of!

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