In-house engineering and production

Development & production in-house

From idea to drawing board, from prototype and re-design to working end product. All rapidly and in-house. That is our all-in approach. From our in-house production location in Zwartsluis (the Netherlands) we engineer and produce safe and durable quality products for demanding swimming and sports environments.

New techniques

To astonish our customers time and again, we do not let ourselves be held back by “how it is always done”. But we push the boundaries and come up with new products. Products that exceed existing solutions in terms of quality. For this we continuously immerse ourselves in new techniques. An example of this is 3D printing, a technique that offers new creative possibilities for product development and prototyping. We also invested in a complete high-end electronics production line. Which offers fantastic creative possibilities for product design, prototyping and production. And at the same time accelerates our time-to-market.

From idea to end product

An idea for a new product often starts with an interest or wish from the market. We subject the idea to a series of analyzes. This results in a wish list with product features and functionalities. This list forms the starting point for our product engineers. They build the product concept from the ground up; materials, components, electronics and techniques are reviewed. A creative process that ultimately results in a first prototype. The next phase of the process then starts; refining and optimizing. This continues until there is a prototype that meets all requirements: qualitative, technical and functional. Then the final phase of the product development process begins; (duration) testing. Only when the product passes this phase with flying colors, do we include the new product in our range.

High-end production facilities

All EVA Optic products are conceived, developed and produced in-house. We strive for complete control of every part of the production process. We have our own Pick & Place department, where we produce our LED printed circuit boards and electronic components. Which are then thoroughly checked in the X-Ray machine down to component level. Everything for the very best quality. So that our customers can enjoy our products carefree for years to come.