Constant Light Output ensures even light output

Even light output for your light’s entire lifespan

EVA Optic’s LED luminaires are equipped with several innovative technologies that offer the best possible protection for the LED’s lifespan. ATS (Auto Temperature System) is one of these technologies and it protects the LED by limiting the temperature to 65°C. CLO (Constant Light Output) also helps limit temperatures. How does it work? We would be glad to explain!

Even light output

As a light source becomes older, and has been producing light for many hours, its light capacity is likely to decrease. For this reason it is important to take this into account during the first step: the calculation of the desired light level. In order to prevent overexposure of a lighting installation in the beginning, EVA Optic’s linear lighting luminaires are equipped with Constant Light Output. This driver functionality ensures that the light output remains constant over the entire lifespan of the luminaire. ATS (Auto Temperature System) makes it possible to get the most out of the CLO technology. The output of every light source will gradually decrease over its lifespan. CLO ensures that this reduction is compensated for from its very first use.

CLO combined with ATS

In order to do this, the driver will first be set to a certain starting point, the expected number of light hours (100,000 for example). The lighting will start at this point and will remain there during its lifespan. However, in order to make sure the CLO works in practice, ATS is necessary. Output decrease is closely related to LED temperature. The higher the LED temperature gets, the greater and faster the light decreases. Without ATS, CLO is not possible. ATS in combination with CLO ensures an optimum use of the available efficiency of the LED and energy savings.

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