Boost your mental and physical health with a swimming machine

Swimming is a great way to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle. Discover how swimming helps you stay physically fit and how it boosts your mental health.

Did you know…

…swimming for an hour burns as many calories as running at 9.5km/h? But without impacting your bones, tendons and joints. While runners work on their muscle mass mainly in their legs, as a swimmer you need many more muscle groups to stay afloat. Your whole body has to work for it.

Full body workout

By swimming you combine strength training with cardio. By repeating the same kind of movement for a long time, your heart rate goes up and you put all your muscles to work. This full-body workout ensures that you burn calories so quickly.

Losing weight faster

To speed up the process of losing weight, you can use a counter-current swimming machine. The increasing current forces you to swim at a more powerful pace. This pays off. Whereas the person in the example lost 423 calories per hour at a gentle pace, that same person now burns 715 calories per hour due to the extra effort.

Tip: Swim in the morning

Swimming in the early morning is a great way to clear your head and stimulate your body for an energetic and creative (working) day. If you do this on an empty stomach, you’ll force your body to tap into your fat reserves for fuel. This way you will burn calories faster during the swim and the rest of the day.

Do you want to build muscle instead of losing weight? Then it is important to eat easily digestible food before swimming.

Challenge yourself

Whether you swim to lose weight or to build muscle, it’s important that you keep challenging yourself in every workout. Otherwise your body will continue to perform at the same level. So step out of your comfort zone and let the swim machine alternate between interval, sprint and endurance elements, increasing in duration and intensity. Also train different muscle groups by using different swimming techniques. Then you will achieve the optimum effect.

Fitness increases

The more you train with a swimming machine, the better your condition and skills will be. Even when you use the swimming machine once a week, you will find that you can keep going longer and longer. This is because the health of your heart and blood vessels improves and your lung capacity increases. You will be out of breath much less quickly. You will also notice a difference with other daily physical efforts.

Calm alternative

You don’t have to swim daily to see results. Allow yourself rest days as well. For example, alternate your swimming training with aqua aerobics on your days off. The counter-current swimming machine offers an excellent low-stress exercise to keep you moving on active recovery days.

Relieve stress

Swimming is the best way to relieve stress. The physical effort combined with rhythmic breathing activates your nerve system. To get into a pleasant swimming rhythm, it is important that you have the space. This is not easy in every pool. In small pools, you often have to turn around after just a few strokes. That is not reallly relaxing.

Optimal relaxation

With the EVAstream, you can turn your pool into a training facility. No longer swimming back and forth, but against the current. At a safe distance from the machine, you have all the room in the world to accelerate without touching the shore. It feels like swimming in a 25-metre pool, but in your own home. Be guided by the coloured underwater lights that indicate when an exercise starts, speeds up or stops. So you can focus purely on your strokes and your breath. Relaxation can begin.

Colour therapy

The multi coloured underwater lighting of the EVAstream is functional during swimming training, but it also provides relaxation outside of training. Each colour has its own effect on your condition. Red is good for your heart and lungs, orange gives you energy, green and blue provide rest and yellow makes you happy.

Whether you swim to lose weight, to build up condition, to relax or to get more muscles, with an EVAstream swimming machine you will get the best results. Curious if an EVAstream is something for you? Try it for free in one of our test pools.


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