Ballproof certificate proves reliable quality of EVA

Last August, EVA Optic received the ballproof certificate for EVAline linear lighting in indoor sports environments. The proof that our lighting can take a beating.

Intensive ballproof testing

To prove the quality of our products, we asked the well-known international Product Testing and Certification organization DEKRA to test our luminaires. DEKRA subjected our EVAline to a number of intensive ballproof tests, where they fired balls at the luminaires with great force. This was done from different angles and at various speeds, to demonstrate that the luminaires meet the ballproof standards (DIN VDE 0710-13 1981, DIN 18032-3: 1997).

Quality as proof

The result? Our EVAline product line passed the tests and received the label “reliable and safe”. This means that our EVAline can now carry the ballproof certificate. A valuable confirmation of the quality, safety and service life of our products.

View the certificate.

Our vision on safety

As a specialist in LED lighting for pool and sports environments, we know better than anyone that safety must be number one. In order to have a good and safe work-out, lighting must meet a couple of stringent demands. It is important that there is sufficient lighting, with bright and uniform illumination without blinding effects. And – last but not least – the lighting must be of solid quality and meet all safety standards. EVAline fits this vision on safety 100%.


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