Auto Temperature System (ATS) prolongs LED lifespan

The effect of a warm swimming pool environment on LED lighting

Only a few environments are more demanding for a lighting system than a swimming pool. Heat, humidity and chlorine: the significant influence of these factors on the products for swimming pools or water parks is still often underestimated. LED swimming pool lighting by EVA Optic responds to the crucial factors within the swimming pool environment by offering you the opportunity to add ATS to its products. How does it work? We would be glad to explain!

Increasing temperatures

Everyone is familiar with the high temperatures in a swimming pool: 32°C air temperature at floor level is really quite normal. So, how hot will it get at the top of the swimming pool area, at around six metres above the floor? After all, heat rises, so the temperature at the top of the swimming pool area (above the air conditioning conduit) could be significantly higher. A sunny summer’s day, setting the air conditioning in eco-setting, or no air conditioning because of an unexpected electrical failure may result in even higher temperatures.

Luminaires must be able to handle these extreme temperatures for years, every single day. In addition to the internal temperature of the luminaire, it must also be resistant to the extreme temperatures above the pool. The heat that develops in swimming pool environments far exceeds the capacities of standard luminaires. Luminaires that seem perfect for swimming pool environments in theory often cannot cope with temperature spikes in practice. Light sources, including LEDs, will continuously be overexposed which causes their lifespan to be exponentially shorter or can even cause the lights to stop functioning prematurely.


EVA Optic has developed a complete product line, exclusively for swimming pools and water parks, to illuminate your entire facility: the Aqua HE product line. The luminaires in this product line are equipped with several innovative technologies that do an exceptional job of protecting the LED’s lifespan, such as ATS (Auto Temperature System) and a larger cooling capacity. After all, extreme temperatures are taken into account at every step in the design, development and production process of this product line. Because of ATS, the LED is protected by limiting the temperature to 65°C. When this temperature is reached within the luminaire, the lighting will automatically dim back. The difference will be so subtle that it will not be noticeable. This smart technology protects the LEDs in the luminaires in a unique way in order to ensure the longest possible lifespan.

NTC connection

All swimming pool luminaires by EVA Optic can be equipped with ATS, with the exception of EVA LED underwater lighting. EVA’s underwater lights receive similar protection based on water cooling. Since 2018, it has been mandatory to connect the yellow and purple NTC cable of all RGBW luminaires to the blue PCB in order to activate ATS. If this is not connected, the RGBW luminaires will light up at 10 percent. This renewed setting ensures an optimum LED lifespan. In the instructions for each luminaire, we describe how to connect the NTC cables step by step. In the future, this setting will also be applied to all mono lighting luminaires by EVA Optic.

Do you have any questions after reading the information above? Please feel free to contact us! We will be glad to answer your questions.

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