Aqua Solar conquers the Swiss swimming market with good service and high-quality lighting

The Aqua Solar Service and Sales Team know the Swiss swimming pool market and their dealers quite well. Technical specialist Marcelo Branco is the product manager for the attractive EVA program. “The end customer is not looking for the Renault among lighting solutions, but for the Mercedes or the Audi. This is LED lighting that not only provides good visibility, but also entertainment in the form of coloured light shows. This is the quality EVA Optic delivers.”

Safe and entertaining

In Switzerland, there are no local suppliers who produce special LED lighting for the swimming pool industry. Aqua Solar: “Pomaz introduced EVA Optic to us in 2011. We were immediately excited about the quality. It is not comparable to the other lighting solutions on the market. They only provide half of the power that EVA Optic lighting provides. The lighting solutions of EVA Optic are more expensive, nevertheless a high number of our customers chooses the powerful LED lighting from EVA Optic after a demonstration.”

Introducing EVAstream

In 2021 Aqua Solar also started selling the EVAstream, alongside other brands they already had in stock. “The EVAstream is my product,” says Branco enthusiastically. “In the last year, I have sold around 35 EVAstreams. And I expect to double this number in 2022.”

Unique link

“The EVAstream is particularly popular with people who are looking for a powerful swimming machine”, the product manager continues. “Think of families with children who are learning to swim, people who like a challenging swim workout and aqua jogging fans. What appeals to the users is that you can connect the EVAstream to your underwater lighting, thus guiding you during your swimming training.”

About Aqua Solar

Short response times, fast deliveries and problem-solving capabilities. This is how EVA Optic-dealer Aqua Solar distinguishes itself from other Swiss wholesalers. From its well-stocked, more than 10,000 square meter, warehouse, Aqua Solar supplies pool builders all over Switzerland. The majority of the products are in stock and can be delivered the very next day. Because of this fast delivery, pool builders do not need their own storage. With a market share of about 60 percent, Aqua Solar is the largest supplier of swimming pool and filter technology in Switzerland.


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