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Lighting and water are not each other’s best friends. It requires knowledge, expertise and experience to develop good LED lighting for a swimming pool. A swimming pool environment is filled with heat, moisture and chlorine fumes, each of which is a challenge in itself, but are jointly disastrous for a lighting installation. Unless you know how to apply the right combination of techniques and components. EVA is an expert in this.

EVA Optic is Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting. As a LED lighting specialist, EVA is always aware of the best and latest possibilities in


LED technology, control technology and the necessary components. We apply our knowledge very effectively to the practice of in-house development and manufacturing of high-end solutions for our market.

To achieve this result, we listen to the wishes of our customers, problems in the market and we work according to the laws and regulations within our markets. It is a challenge for us to come up with products that offer a solution for your situation. To achieve this, both our products and the production process are constantly subject to improvements.


All EVA LED lighting is designed, developed and produced in-house. This in-house combination offers important advantages such as constant quality control, quick and continuous product development, flexibility and safeguarding of our knowledge. This is reflected directly in the quality and performance of EVA LED lighting, whereby no concessions are made on the quality and performance of both parts and the end product.

Our values experience, safety, innovative and sustainable are paramount. They describe the core of EVA and form the basis of our company vision. We strive for them in our daily work and apply them in our production process and new developments.

From passion to market leader

Behind EVA Optic is director Jan van Loon, an entrepreneur in heart and soul and perfectionist in the development of products. In 2008 Jan was asked as light consultant for the restoration of a swimming pool. It soon became clear that the existing lighting solutions did not meet the wishes and requirements of the market in many aspects. This realization was the starting signal for EVA Optic. Our goal: develop the very best LED lighting for swimming pools: powerful, energy efficient and sustainable. By responding to the needs of users and operators, and by using the latest techniques and technologies in the market. By constantly improving and optimizing, not standing still and never being completely satisfied. This perfectionism combined with knowledge and experience has ensured that anno 2018 EVA Optic is marketing leader in swimming pool lighting.

From that position, the rest of Europe is now being conquered. After all, the swimming pool market is a niche that requires focus. Where expertise and experience are a must to develop a high quality solution for every indoor sports application. EVA has all these features. “We maintain our lead through market knowledge and innovation. We know our customers and their needs. Moreover, we know which technical solutions work and we are the only ones with a sealed-for-life product underwater. The transfer of our know-how about LED lighting in a humid, warm and chlorine-rich environment makes us unique and is of great importance to our distributors, “says Van Loon.



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