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In the world of swimming pools, EVA Optic is synonymous with innovation. We develop our products from the perspective of the user, without being constrained by how other players on the market tend to do things. We are continuously exploring new techniques (and pushing the limits to find out what’s possible). We then integrate our findings into our production methods. A good example of this is 3D printing, a technology that offers us amazing, creative possibilities for product design, prototyping, and even the production process.

This is part of the reason why we are able to discover new ways to help people enjoy swimming and sports even more. EVA’s innovations create the ultimate sports and wellness experiences. We provide safe, sustainable, high-quality products for enjoying carefree moments of comfort, fun, and athletic achievements for many years to come.

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Introduction EVAstream

EVAstream is the most powerful and compact counter-current swimming machine in the market. Versatile and multi-purpose; for public swimming pool, water park and every size residential swimming pool. As an aid to swimming lessons and as a training tool for competitive swimmers.

But EVAstream is also the ultimate home fitness device, and it’s fantastic for the kids! A calm and stable flow, but incredibly powerful nonetheless. Absolutely unrivaled in the market. Experience it yourself?

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Ballproof certificate proves reliable quality of EVA

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Auto Temperature System (ATS) prolongs LED lifespan

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Constant Light Output ensures even light output

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NPR 9200:2015 Metal suspension constructions and mounting materials in swimming pools

EVA Optic complies with NEN directive NPR 9200:2015 Metal suspension constructions and mounting materials in swimming po ...

EVA Optic accredited training company

EVA Optic appointed as an accredited training company Professional education and business life work together with the Co ...

LED lighting on musical beat

EVA Optic introduces the best light experience EVA Optic has a complete assortment of lighting to provide every indoor s ...

We are ambitious

Our ultimate goal? Designing and creating the very best and most reliable experience products for demanding swimming and sports environments. We do that without forgetting about our planet: we have a CO2-neutral production process for manufacturing energy-efficient, sustainable products. These also feature recyclable components and therefore produce as little waste as possible at the end of the product’s life cycle.

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