The project

Tennis Center Meppel has replaced the old TL lights with EVAline Sport LED linear lighting. The 6 indoor tennis courts are illuminated from the adjacent platforms with tilted EVAline Sports linear lights.

Modular functional lighting

The light modules are connected to the aluminium core module. The modular system enables flexible placement of light modules. With this smart system you need a relatively small amount of luminaires for illuminating a sports hall sufficiently and evenly.

Perfect light experience when playing tennis

EVAline Sport is the best solution for indoor sports facilities. the high colour fastness (CRI) of the LEDs enables good colour rendition. The low glare factor (UGR <19) gives a pleasant light experience. The system is flicker free which makes sure that no disturbing stroboscopic effect occurs when playing fast ball sports..

Athletes are very crictical to light quality. Rightly so, because a lighting system determines the perception during a sports activity. Regular lighting systems are therefore not suitable for use in sports facilities.

Project information

  • Project: Tennis center Meppel

  • Location: Meppel (Netherlands)

  • Type: Indoor sports centers


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