The project

Tennis Hall Sprokkelenburg used EVAline Sports LED linear lights to illuminate the indoor artificial gravel courts at Class 2 competition level (500 lux). The EVAline Sport LED system was developed specifically for indoor sports centers and is ideally suited for fast ball sports.

The continuous EVAline linear lights are positioned right next to the playing fields. The light are tilted at 25 degrees. This allows the lights to illuminate the field evenly from the adjacent platforms. EVAline Sport lighting illuminates the entire playing field without causing the players any discomfort or nuisance with lighting glare.


Evaline Sport is the best solution for indoor sports facilities. The combination of high colour fastness (CRI) of LEDs, low glare factor (UGR <19) and the very low flicker index (flicker free illumination) provides perfect lighting experience. Precisely what is essential in sports applications. Athletes are very critical of the quality of light. Rightly so, because at ball games in particular the lighting is very decisive for perception during the game. Regular fixtures are not suitable for this.


Project information

  • Project : Indoor Tennis Center Sprokkelenburg

  • Location: Laren (Netherlands)

  • Type: Indoor sports centers


Products used::